Three Angels Brewing Presented by Rogue Barrister Records and Three Angels Brewing

three_angels_logo11Three unlikely characters, with an unlikely motive, joined together in one seem-less journey, a common pursuit of all things great. As children we all dreamed of being spectacular, super heroes in charge of bringing peace and justice to the world. As young adults we’re trained to give up foolish pursuits, put our dreams aside and become respectable citizens serving the common good. When you reach the end of the road that is paved before you, you can either sit and wait patiently for the world and those around you to finish the second act of your life. Or you can pick up your paint-brush, gather the colors around you and construct your own. We are of the latter, we are the Rogue Barrister, Dr. Zarconigus and the hatter. Forget about trying to make sense of what your about to see, and just accept that making sense is relative. Making “Greatness” is what matters! And that’s all that we are trying to do.
Grow local, Brew local, Drink local. Great beers should be distributed on the backs of their followers, not on the trucks of distributors.
Three Angels Brewing is a nano scale operation, focusing on the production and development of brews utilizing predominantly locally grown inputs.
You can visit Three Angels Brewing Official Website at
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