Ale Syndicate Presented by Rogue Barrister Records and Three Angels Brewing

Ale Syndicate was founded by Samuel Evans and his brother Jesse Edwin Evans. The brothers started off as homebrewers. Originally from Illinois, they moved to Northern California and got the chance of a lifetime: to start their own brewery, making the only bottled craft beer in the city of Oakland.
However, they missed Chicago. The toughness. The skyline. The winter. Even rust - nothing rusts in California. They missed the spirit of audaciousness that is uniquely Chicago. A drive to do big things. So, they sold their homebrewing equipment and their stake in the brewery and headed home.
Since then, they’ve built a truly collaborative brewery that is more than the sum of its parts and far greater than ever planned. Ale Syndicate Brewers believe in strong flavors, pure ingredients, and the power of coming together around something they love.
Ale Syndicate is located in the Green Exchange campus at 2601 W. Diversey in Chicago’s Logan Square community. The brewery is in the process of a massive renovation of their brewing space on the property, which will be housed in a building that was, for much of the 20th Century, the train station for the annexed town of Maplewood. 
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