2015 brings an expanded format encompassing all of Downtown Yorkville

Festival organizers are significantly expanding this years festival. Taking a page from the highly successful Mile of Music festival in Appleton WI, this years event will incorporate two outdoor stages and two other indoor venues throughout Downtown Yorkville. Rogue Barrister Records will be curating all of the artists who will be performing on the four stages over the course of three days spanning from June 25-27. Admission for all music will be free of charge. Building on the inaugural art exhibit of last year, this years art offering will be housed in The Law Office located at 226 S. Bridge St.  and will be open for patrons throughout the course of the festival. As always you can expect great craft beer available for purchase at all participating venues. With the purchase of a $3 wristband you'll be able to purchase beer and meander from venue to venue all while enjoying your beverage and the beautiful historic sights of Downtown Yorkville. 100% of all proceeds from the wristband sales will be used to initiate a program to provide music to seniors afflicted with alzheimers and dementia. Stay tuned for many more details surrounding this amazing weekend !!!

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